Indra SinghFrom the age of 17 I have been studying yoga. It has always been a passion of mine and since starting my Yoga journey I have felt an extra connection to my practice through my ancestral roots. I feel having a Punjabi father and being brought up learning the basics of the Indian traditions it has been a true blessing that I am lucky to have experienced throughout my life.

“Indra is a very inspiring person in every way, not only as a yoga teacher. She has a deep insight into human condition and is extremely kind, direct and friendly.”

- Erika Harris

“Indra is a natural teacher she is happy to share with her class all her spiritual and physical knowledge. Since attending Indra’s classes I have never been a physically and mentally strong as I am now.”

- Jo Whapples

I went on to further my training to become a Yoga teacher, studying with the Bwy and then moving on to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga – a more powerful physical practice. From there I studied for over three years with Sonia Sumar in Brazil and the USA, training in integral yoga (Swami Satchidananda) and Yoga for the special child. Once I had completed this I began to increase my own practice and create my daily Sadhana.

As well as being a mother of 2 children.

5 years ago I trained as a Kundalini yoga teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). This form of yoga has transformed many aspects of my life as well as the lives of the beautiful souls I am lucky to teach.

With a strong background in dance I love to introduce the mix between dance and yoga, especially in the classes I teach with children. Mixing yoga with dance creates a sensation of total peace and harmony and adds a beautiful contemporary feel. The two disciplines mix so well together.

I dedicate the majority of my Yoga journey to assisting vulnerable adults, reminding them how to access their own natural strengths from within. I work predominantly with addictions such as alcoholism, drug misuse, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. After suffering my own journey through addiction I teach the key aspects that saved my own life.

I also love to work with children within school situations and through private sessions. I believe that Yoga should be more accessible to the younger generation as they thrive from all It’s many aspects and more importantly it helps to give them the coping tools necessary for life.

I currently work with vulnerable adults who suffer from alcoholism, depression, various drug addictions and eating disorders.

I enjoy writing as an interpretation of my own personal experiences, expression and creativity i also endeavor to help others through my writing and have written various articles and blog posts which have been published internationally.

‘Indra Singh Yoga brings the art of ancient Yoga into a contemporary lifestyle’

To view indra’s published articles on yoga and yoga for the children visit my articles page.

How I teach and what to expect from a class with Indra

Although I have practiced and taught various Yoga traditions over the years to me all roads lead to the same path and no specific tradition has a more beneficial role than another, that’s an individual preference. I feel blessed to be able to have studied this way and do not work to strict rigid rules during class sessions.

To me life is spontaneous and we never know what’s around the corner. I believe class works this way too and by opening up to my higher self i can truly become aware of what type of session will be best for that class on that particular day. The sessions may vary from a flowing (dance like )session, Kundalini or a more relaxed breath awarness and Yoga Nidra practice. This allows the individuals who attend my sessions to receive variety so they are able to explore the different aspects of Yoga as well as their own inner selves.

All the Breath Awareness and Relaxation sessions I teach to those wishing to heal and recover from addiction have little movement involved. I advice that you bring loose warm clothing and a blanket when attending these sessions.

(one vital requirement is to enjoy and have fun:)