Kids Class

Kali’s master class for children

A great way to start your child off on the yoga path is to begin with a few basic yoga asanas.

Children are natural ‘Yoginis’ and here Kali demonstrates a few important poses that can be practiced on a daily basis with friends, family or on their own.

And always remember SMILE :-) and have fun.

Paschimottanasana-forward bend

Before beginning it is good to become aware of the breath as it moves in and out of the nostrils.

With long slow deep breathing Kali stretches her legs out infront, making them strong and straight as can be.

With a lovely straight spine and a deep in breath she reaches her arms up to the sky growing upwards, higher and higher to touch the clouds.

When she’s ready to exhale, keeping her spine and as long as she can Kali reaches for her feet and with a big smile holds the asana as she breathes long slow deep breathes.


To vary the pose Kali reaches for the ankles, this is a good option to begin with if it’s difficult for your child to reach their toes.


This posture will increase flexibility in the hips and legs while massaging the tummy.

Bhujangasana/cobra pose/backward bend

Kali demonstrates various versions of this pose from basic to more advanced.

Kali lies on her tummy in a nice long straight line resting the hands under the shoulders and the forearms on the floor.
Keeping the neck nice and long she takes a deep breath in and pushes down into her forearms and slowly lifts her upper body.

Variation 1:

1/2 cobra: keep the forearms on the floor.

Variation 2:

Push in to the hands, straighten the arms, shoulders relaxed and smile in a full cobra pose :-)

Variation 3:

Close the eyes and breathe deeply in full or half cobra pose.
Closing your eyes you may want to hold for a little longer relaxing and imagining you are a snake in the jungle.

Variation 4:

As you breathe deeply, bending back further, dropping the head.
You are flexible just like the snake :-)

Rest on your tummy after all that hard snaking and relax.


This asana makes the back strong and improves the circulation.It gives you a strong appetite and helps reduce constipation.

Trikonasana/triangle pose/lateral stretch.

Trikonasana is one of Kalis favourite poses it makes her feel strong and gives her a long stretch on each side of her body.

Kali stands with her feet apart.
Her right foot turned out to the side and the toes of her left foot turned slightly inwards.

To know you are in the correct position when you look down you should be able to draw a line from your front heel to the back instep.
Make sure the legs aren’t too wide or you may wobble over.

Kali takes a deep breath in and stretches her arms up to shoulder height.
Then with a long breath out through the nose and keeping strong in the balance she rests her right hand down on her right leg and left arm up to the sky as if she was stretching high for the clouds once more.

Look towards the top hand and stay very still and strong with long slow deep breathing.


Kali also demonstrates a variation, just incase its difficult to lift the top arm up straight.

Here kali bends the elbow and rests the hand on her side.

Don’t forget the other side :-)


Trikonasana tones the whole body and the muscles of the waist, back and legs.
It will also alleviate any digestive problems.

Halasana/plough pose/inverted posture

Kali finds Halasana a challenge and is still working on taking her toes behind her on the floor and also being able to hold the position.
Its a fun challenge and it makes her laugh.

Kali demonstrates her variation rocking herself backwards and forwards to gain momentum so she can eventually reach the toes to the floor.

To start Kali lies flat on her back with her palms resting on the floor.
Here she takes some long slow deep breathes.

On a deep breath in she pushes on her hands, lifts her legs, rounds her spine and takes her toes towards the back of her head.

Kali continues to rock in this fun movement and eventually in time she will be able to get her toes on the floor and relax in the full Halasana pose.

See if you can rock back and rest your toes on the floor :-)

Well done!!!

Now relax.


Massages all the internal organs and is a great therapy for the whole body.

Let go and relax in shavasana

DON’T FORGET to give yourself time to let go and relax,it is a very important part of yoga. Kali lies in the relaxation pose ‘shavasana’

You may want to cover yourself with a blanket, turn down the lights and play some peaceful music.

Breath deeply and quietly, let go after all your hard work.

For further information on relaxation and Yoga Nidra view my article on the subject by referring to the articles page on this website and clicking on the title.

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